Pelican Piano utilizes color, a simple memory device and familiar music to engage students in the process of reading music notation.


Playing piano and reading music notation develop neurons in the brain that enhance learning


Parents and students typically spend 5-10 minutes  a day to master the concepts.

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Why Pelican?

Why Pelican?

Our goal is to make fundamental music skills accessible to students of all abilities through Pelican Piano's unique teaching tools. This goal was based on the concept that music instruction teaches students to think in a logical manner. The fundamental skill set needed for learning about music is akin to the skills of developing reasoning or understanding mathematics......

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What People Have to Say:

I am a Speech Language Pathologist of 24 years...I have been so impressed with the results I have seen with Pelican Piano... this is a genius approach for music instruction and beneficial for all children...

JoQueta Handy M.S., CCC-SLP California

Pelican Piano has brought such a joy to teaching that I haven’t had before! My students progress faster, the concepts are easy to grasp, and the books allow parents to stay involved. Pelican Piano is a great fit for everyone - teachers, students, and parents!

Jenn Taylor Utah

Karen Baker’s Pelican Piano book transformed our granddaughter from a struggling student to a confident learner who now truly loves her time at the piano.

Lee and Trudy Reinhartsen Mission Viejo, California