All three of my kids started piano lessons with the Pelican Piano curriculum. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Of course not all kids are the same or even learn exactly the same so we were extremely happy to see that our children were learning but more importantly wanted to learn!
My husband and I feel that learning how to play an instrument should be fun. It should bring life long enjoyment–not be a chore. With the Pelican Piano curriculum my kids have learned the fundamentals of piano playing in a unique way that was enjoyable for each child. Thank you Karen for teaching my kids the joy of playing the piano!


I’m writing to recommend the Pelican Piano learning system. It was a fun and easy way for my daughter to learn to play the piano. It was a great experience for her as it made piano playing a joyful event. She never complained about going to piano lessons and always looked forward to playing with Pelican Piano. She learned very quickly to relate the colors to the notes on the piano.


My daughter loved Pelican piano! This is great concept for young kids to learn notes on the piano while having fun. I highly recommend this book!

C. De Walt

I am a Speech Language Pathologist of 24 years working with special needs children. I have been so impressed with the results I have seen with Pelican Piano. This program is not only amazing in helping children learn to read music, play the piano, and work on rhythm and timing; but I have seen incredible results academically. I first sought this program out when working with autistic children in helping them develop better saccadic eye movements. These eye movements are important in the classroom when children need to look from a smart board, to their paper in coping with information. Kinesthetic programs are the best approach in teaching special needs children. Until learning about Pelican Piano, I never knew this approach could be combined with teaching piano. I think this is a genius approach for music instruction and beneficial for all children.

JoQueta Handy M.S., CCC-SLP

I have two children who have been through Pelican Piano and one who is currently in Pelican. All have really enjoyed beginning piano with Karen and have taken easily to her technique which combines stories, colors and notes. Karen’s program is fun & engaging, and she is such an encouragement to the kids! She knows how to motivate each of my kids with their different personalities and levels.


Karen Baker has been teaching Pelican Piano to our students since April of 2012. She has been a wonderful addition to our school program and the children look forward to “Mrs. Karen” days. As a teacher, I love the program because it is engaging, visual, and the students quickly feel successful. Karen has a very calming and gentle nature that encourages a safe environment with students that are eager to learn.

Melissa Stomp
STARS School, California

As a piano instructor myself, I have been impressed with Karen Baker’s piano teaching methods for years! She has been successful teaching preschoolers, autistic youth, actually students of all ages and abilities. Karen has developed a system that makes learning the piano fun and easy. Her method of teaching piano engages the student in a way that the student learns quickly and has fun in the process. Karen’s piano classes have been so popular and grown at a pace that she cannot teach all the students she would like to. Fortunately she has now made her teaching methods available to the public. If you want your piano students to enjoy the piano more than they ever have before, I heartily suggest you give her methods a try!

Ann Washburn

At first, I didn’t want to take piano because I thought it wouldn’t be fun. I had taken piano at school for two years and didn’t really like it. After just one lesson with Karen Baker, I thought piano was fun and I loved it and wanted to keep taking lessons. I learned more from Karen Baker in just a few short weeks than I learned in the whole two years I had taken piano at school. She has the most fun games to help you learn.


I have 3 boys. I was hoping that one of them would be musical and want to take piano lessons, but none of them were interested. I had to bribe the two older boys to get them to take piano lessons. After just one lesson, they both loved it. She had a unique method of teaching piano that was memorable and fun. My two boys got up bright and early in the summer to take piano lessons and never once complained. They both loved it and loved to come home and show me what they had learned. As they continue to take piano lessons, I see that enthusiasm continue. I don’t have to remind them to go to piano… they love to go, so they remind me. I see amazing improvements in the songs that they play each week. Karen Baker has an amazing talent to make piano fun for my boys.


Karen is a great teacher! I have observed some of the piano lessons Karen has taught. Karen expects her pupils to work hard and practice, but she is full of genuine praise and excitement when her students achieve a milestone. I also appreciate that Karen’s program includes children with disabilities. She has taught piano lessons to children with sensory processing disorders and has gently helped them not only learn to play the piano, but also to participate in an activity where they can feel accomplishment.

Lauren Clark

I took boring piano lessons for 8 years and I’m only a mediocre player. After observing and learning about Pelican Piano, I only wish it had been available when I was trying to learn. What a fabulous system! I teach children vocal music and it does not take a genius to figure out that they learn fast and most thoroughly when they are having fun. Pelican Piano is fun. Engaging young imaginations is the key and this is a great key! I cannot recommend it too highly.

Gerry Price
Chandler, AZ

There is clear evidence that cognitive dexterity is strengthened by developing musical skills from childhood through adulthood, and even later in life. With Pelican Piano, Karen Baker is making musical ability accessible and fun to new learners of varying skill and developmental levels. Instead of the all-too-common feeling of frustration when learning an instrument (which often leads to quitting), Pelican Piano students are engaged in the creative and intuitive process as they learn fundamentals and new songs. With a variety of teaching methods (including the use of colors, patterns, textures, and narratives) and cutting edge technology, Pelican Piano keeps students moving forward as they progress from level to level. Because of this unique approach to teaching, Pelican Piano has brought piano playing to students ranging in age from 3-67 years old, learners with varying level of skills, and has even produced remarkable gains for students with developmental delays, like autism. As someone who is devoted to the healthy development of kids, I whole-heartedly support, appreciate, and recommend Pelican Piano for new piano learners.

Brent Crandal, PhD
Clinical Psychologist – San Diego

Pelican Piano has brought such a joy to teaching that I haven’t had before! I feel like my students progress faster and I am so happy to watch them succeed. The concepts are easy for them to grasp and the books are written in a way that parents can follow along and stay involved. Pelican Piano is a great fit for everyone- teachers, students, and parents!

Jenn Taylor

Having struggled as a child to learn the notes on the piano, and then seeing the struggles of my students when I was a piano teacher, I have been so impressed with the ingenious method for teaching notes in Pelican Piano. I am using it with my three grandchildren, and they have picked up note-reading with alacrity! I also like the gradual and painless process of teaching music principles, such as note values, time signatures, rests, etc. I heartily recommend Pelican Piano for all piano students.


My 6 year old boy started Pelican Piano a few months ago, and in those few months he has progressed so quickly. He loves to play and usually practices on his own. I don’t have to nag him to practice because he loves it! The colored notes have made learning to play the piano fun and exciting. I would highly recommend Pelican Piano!


Karen Baker’s Pelican Piano book transformed our granddaughter from a struggling student to a confident learner who now truly loves her time at the piano.

Lee and Trudy Reinhartsen
Mission Viejo, California

Right now we have five children taking piano lessons. Three have a 1/2 hour lesson once a week with our piano teacher, Mrs. Baker. Then the younger two each have a 15 minute lesson with her once a week. I took piano lessons when I was younger, and my only regret is that I stopped taking lessons! Yes, at age 13 – after 6 years of lessons – I QUIT! What a mistake! I loved playing the piano, and for the life of me I can’t remember WHY I quit. I know that I wasn’t practicing like I should be, and I think that maybe I felt a bit guilty for wasting my mom’s hard earned money on my lessons when I knew I wasn’t giving it any priority. So far my kids LOVE the piano and play often during the day. The 8 year old is especially into his music lessons. He listens to classical music all the time and can’t wait to play some of his favorites on the piano one day. That is his motivation right now — to play what he hears on his CD’s–when he’s not playing soccer!


Pelican Piano has been an amazing program for introducing my three year old daughter to play the piano. It is a concise, detailed program that captures her attention with it’s bright colors and “character” notes. I like it’s gentle approach and easy progression through the short, yet thorough, lessons. My daughter can easily follow the lessons and is excited to learn the piano this way. She looks forward to her lessons and has fun talking about the note “characters.” It was therefore easy for her to remember the location of the notes; Middle C, D, etc. because it was taught like a story. I would highly recommend the Pelican Piano program for any child interested in learning how to play the piano.

Orange County, California

Pelican Piano is a very effective teaching tool for introducing students – especially the very young and those with learning disabilities –to piano by using examples of things that are familiar to them such as birds, sky and ocean and comparing them to notes, staff, keys, etc. Karen Baker has been very successful in teaching many how to play the piano with this method that she has ingeniously thought out and put into a fun program. She is kind and patient and I think this method proves that by teaching students the piano in a familiar, comfortable, and fun way. I heartily endorse it.

Mary Robinson

The Pelican Piano method is a great way to get your child started on the piano. Practice time becomes fun for both parent and child, while engaging the child’s innate thirst for kinetic and spatial learning. Basic building blocks of sight reading, piano technique and theory are slowly incorporated through activities that feel like games. Any child can get results from this method, building confidence, competence and a solid mind-body connection to the instrument. Karen Baker’s years of experience teaching and helping people of all ages to find a love for music and music-making have gone into this simple, concise, and effective method. I only wish it had been around sooner!

James Richardson
Musician & Manhattan School of Music Graduate

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