Toddler hands on piano keys

Music Skill Made Simple

Pelican Piano makes fundamental music skills accessible to students of all abilities through unique teaching tools. The fundamental skill set needed for learning about music is akin to the skills of developing reasoning or understanding mathematics. This theory is supported by research that has shown preschoolers who are taught to play music on a keyboard show significant improvement in spatial temporal reasoning scores. In other words, learning music fundamentals can offer a multi-sensory vehicle for developing other key educational skills.

The Impact of Music

Pelican Piano has been successfully used to teach preschoolers and children with moderate to severe autism to sight read simple songs, beginning with the first lesson. A secondary benefit of developing fundamental music skills is the development of discipline and responsibility skills. The parents of Pelican Piano students frequently see changes in the child’s self-confidence and social engagement. However, perhaps the most gratifying advantage of piano instruction is the pure joy of creating and appreciating music – a joy that lasts a lifetime.

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