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Our Method

Pelican Piano includes four stages or levels, beginning with an introduction to the keyboard. Colored place holders are put on the keys and represent the seven tones of the scale. The keys are matched with colored notes on a large-type music page. Through scaffolding, each student learns at his own pace and eventually chooses when to remove placeholders from the keys during regular practice sessions. The note names are learned through the use of a narrative that serves as a mnemonic aid. Additional notes are introduced at each of the four levels of Pelican Piano. Each level contains six books with a specific learning task including the substitution of black notes for colored notes. Students are able to transition to playing regular-sized black notes without the use of colored place holders by the end of the series.

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A Learning Experience

Each book teaches a new skill that helps the student to progress incrementally. Keyboard instruction is bolstered with games, stories, and hands-on activities so that the process is enjoyable and engaging. Each Pelican Piano level is coordinated with a theme and introduces relevant folk songs and classical pieces so that students develop an affinity for the cultural vocabulary of western music.

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